Pointstone Software annouces immediate availability of System Cleaner 5

System Cleaner Tunes Up Your Computer and So Much More!

Newark, Delaware (June 05, 2008) - Pointstone Software, LLC. announces the release of System Cleaner, a utility product for the Windows operating system. System Cleaner is a full-featured set of comprehensive tools that help you keep your computer running at peak performance.

System Cleaner quickly and efficiently cleans up and eliminates the things that cause crashes, slow your computer down, and lead to frustration. It frees up hard disk space by eliminating all of the "garbage" files that accumulate on your computer and slow it down. It can also look for any duplicate files that reside on your system. One module can scan the Windows Registry, remove useless entries, and then defragment the Registry so your computer runs better.

System Cleaner also protects your privacy by providing options that will eliminate the evidence of any activity on your computer along with a module that can securely "shred" sensitive data so it can't be recovered. System Cleaner goes further and provides a way to view all of the programs that are loaded when Windows starts, allowing you to delete them, disable them, and more. The program also provides an excellent way to uninstall programs that you no longer want on your system.

System Cleaner gives you the power to manage file associations, Internet Explorer Extensions, and explore your disk space to see which programs are using the most space. There's even a way to take a "snapshot" of your system so you can compare it to earlier versions to see what's changed. And if you change your mind, the "Rescue Manager" lets you undo things you've done.

System Cleaner is a suite of tools that can be used to keep your computer running the way it was meant to run. It's fast, it's efficient, and effective.

System requirements
System Cleaner will run under Windows Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000. It requires 128MB of RAM and 3MB of free hard disk space.

System Cleaner is available for $34.95 from the Pointstone Software Web site at http://www.pointstone.com. A 15-day trial version is also available.

For more information on System Cleaner, contact Steven Martins or visit the company's Web site at http://www.pointstone.com

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Evaluation Copy Available On Request

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