MemOptimizer™ User Comments

Every two minutes the OS was telling me I didn't have enough memory left for example to do a cackup or to fix a point to which I could have gone back in the case something wrong was going to happen. With this software I do not have that problem any longer and the whole system is much more stable than before. Now I can also run my anti-virus, great!!!!
great program, downloaded, system running at great speed. :)
Hey - this worked great. I was a bit skeptical at first until I read some of the reviews. It helped in making my computer much faster. It out performed a program I already have from MSI.
I installed this last night and didnt know how to use it. This morning it has already saved me 73MB. Computer seems to be running alot better than before. Still trying to work out what all the buttons works for.
Hey it work great for me. Speeded up my XP in no time. Prevented crashes as far as I can tell. Like I said great!

I am running the program right now, and I say you should ignore some of the previous posters, this program is VERY USEFUL!!! I accidently left Firefox running this morning with a dozen tabs. Normally my machine would have slowed to a crawl from Firefox memory leaks and I?d have had to use process explorer to kill Firefox. Instead I found my machine to be snappy and responsive. This program HELPS WITH FIREFOX MEMORY LEAKS!!!

It also has a nice built in task manager for quick-kill of unresponsive programs,a built in ?boost program? which will try to clear some memory before you launch the program you specify, and while I normally would say to just ?let Windows handle it? and do on my non Internet machines, Firefox is just to lousy with memory management when left to its own(and I love my extensions too much to give up FF).

I love the MemOptimizer program. It has help me solve problems with memory management on my PC. Will buy a copy for my laptop when I get it back.