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What are Cookies and Why Should I Remove (or Keep) Them?


Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by web sites that you have visited that contain details of your interaction with that web site.


Whilst many are not wanted or necessary, mostly they are completely harmless and often can be useful to tailor the presentation of the site to your particular preferences or profile when you next visit that site. Some cookies may also store your password and/or other information that saves you having to manually enter it upon each visit to that site.


Cookies can not be used to execute malicious programs or deliver viruses to your computer.


However, there are occasions where your site usage data, selections and/or preference information that is tracked by cookies is used (and/or sold) for marketing purposes. Likewise, the cookies stored on your computer could allow an intruder to discover the sites you have visited, your preferences and passwords etc.

In order to protect your privacy and remove system 'clutter' caused by unwanted cookies, not only does Total Privacy 5.5 allow you to completely remove all cookies from your system, but also gives you to the option to choose to keep the cookies that are useful to you.


To Select Cookies to Keep

You can select individual cookies to keep for Internet Explorer, Netscape, FireFox and Mozilla browsers.

  1. From the Privacy Items screen, click on the Browsers tab and then choose your browser from the left hand panel.
  2. Click on the Select Cookies to Keep link. You will be presented with the Cookie Keeper Wizard listing all cookies detected on your computer as shown below.
  3. The Cookie Keeper Wizard

    Note! Note: The total number of sites that have placed cookies on your computer (as detected by Total Privacy) is shown in the Cookie Keeper Wizard.

  4. Select the 'useful' cookies to keep from the list and click the 'Add >>' button to move cookies from these sites into the list of cookies to keep in the box displayed on the right of the Cookie Keeper Wizard. These cookies will not be destroyed during the next Total Privacy wash.

    Note! Note: Nearly all of today's websites place cookies on your computer and you may be surprised how large this list is when detected by Total Privacy. To help you quickly find just the cookies that you want to keep, you can also Search for cookies by typing a part of the address of the site whose cookies you want to keep into the search box. Total Privacy will limit the results displayed to just those sites for your easy selection.

  5. Repeat the above step as desired until all cookies that you wish to keep have been selected and are shown in the right hand box in the Cookie Keeper Wizard. When finished click 'OK'.

    Note! Note: To remove cookies from your keep list (for later destruction), select the relevant site from the right hand wizard pane and click on the 'Remove' button.


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