"An advanced system cleaner thats easy to use."
Pros: Easy to use, Cleans all the unwanted junk and data files, Made mycomputer speed back to brand new. The scans are quick and unlike other software, they find your problems fast so you are not stuck in limbo waiting to clean your computer.
Cons: None that I saw
Summary: I came to this software because I believe in optimal performance. One thing I learned is that there are a bunch of places on your computer where junk is stored. Whether its computer, internet, or any other files being stored, this stuff slows you down. Well the Pointstone System Cleaner is a very easy tool that does all the work for you. That way I am not wasting my time trying to make sure I got it all. In other words, I can set it and forget it so I always have a brand new computer at my fingertips. Now my computer is always fast and I don't get stupid glitches anymore. Thanks guys
'System Cleaner' v5.53 is a product I am totally satisfied with and one in which I have every confidence using. This is a very intuitive, feature rich, professionally designed product for which the developers deserve to be highly commended. The facilities to 'Clean and Repair', 'Optimize and Improve', with 'Security and Privacy', 'System Control' and with the facility to 'Analyze and Compare', in addition to being able to schedule maintenance, makes for an extremely comprehensive and extensive PC/System/Disk maintenance utility. In my experience this is a product that thoroughly but more significantly, safely cleans and maintains PC/System/Disk integrity. Due to the previous review, I can confirm the GUI is attractive, professional and intuitive. Combined with 'Pointstone's' companion product 'Total Privacy' this is a formidable pairing in terms of exceptionally proficient PC maintenance.
snapfiles.com visitor comment
I had many problems because I had a lot of? information stored on my disk and I knew that by installing and uninstalling applications I had a lot of rubbish, but there where things I didn't know if they were useless or useful. System Cleaner takes care of it now, and I don't have to worry about it any longer. It's great!
I have recommended this product to everybody I know and believe me I don't normally do that but this product is such a lifesaver that I wanted to share it with everyone.
Herbert O - Almond, NY
this program rocks it is beter than clean center i downloaded clean center and used it then i downloaded this and it found more tmp files and un-wanted files that does not belong on my computer


"Saved My System"
I had some programs that even that i uninstalled them the right they where leving files on my hard drive. I even spent two hours one time trying to get rid of these files but i couldn't, then i used this program that found and took out these file in less then two minuts. I highly recomend this cleaner.
Eric Jones
"Fantastic program w/ all the necessary features"
I love this program. It has all the features needed to really scrub the system, surpassing Window Washer and Tracks Eraser Pro (both of which I've tried and I like) by not only cleaning Windows and IE temp folders and browser cache and history, etc. (no plug-ins yet though for cleaning other programs like Windows Media Player), but by also scanning drives for obsolete shortcuts and junk files, and files left over after uninstall. This program has the cleanest, easiest-to-use interface of them all in my opinion, and features options galore. I'd already purchased Tracks Eraser Pro about a week before discovering this program. Now I own them both, but rarely have a need for Tracks Eraser. System Cleaner does everything I want. My hat's off to the developers at Pointstone Software. They are on the right track with a first-class product.


This is another program that is on my recommended list. The UI could use some improvement, but the UI isn't important, unless it is used for preview purposes. This program is a good program to use. Does what it says, however be careful when you use the registry cleaner. Cleaning ones registry can cripple your computer. Keep up the good work.
snapfiles.com visitor comment

"this is one of the best internet washer it is easy to use and work a 100% guaranteed."


"The best cleaner and privacy protector I have found. And beleive me, I tried many.
It evens backups deleted files giving you a safe net in case of a mistake."

Peter Chen

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