True to its name, Total Privacy helps you keep just about all traces of PC activities to yourself. [...] Anyone who wants his or her computer to stay clean as a whistle will find this application a quality choice. Review
I am surprised [and privileged] to be the first reviewer. I recently installed v5.30 of 'Total Privacy', having initially installed v5.22. This is a product I am totally satisfied with and one in which I have every confidence using. In my opinion, a real bonus 'Total Privacy' has over its competitors is the fact it wipes the 'Free Space' on the hard drive, whereas many other products in this category, as comprehensive as they are, would appear to overlook this essential feature if it is intended to maintain security, privacy and integrity of the hard-drive. The graphic accompanying the 'Free Space' cleaning is beneficial in monitoring progress. This is a very intuitive, feature rich, professionally designed product for which the developers deserve to be highly commended. Combined with 'Pointstone's ' companion product 'System Cleaner' this is a formidable pairing in terms of exceptionally proficient PC maintenance. visitor comment
I like it. Fast, powerful, intuitive interface, easy to customize. Just what I was looking for.
Philip M

A VERY through and comprehensive privacy erase software.... A DEFINITE keeper for those who care about privacy...

Beats CCcleaner hands down (sorry but true) Cleans index.dat and various other MRUs...Great piece of software. 2 Thumbs up GAOTD...
Mehdi S

Very nice program: clean layout, easy to operate, and does what it says.
Mike Bee
Get this program installed NOW! I am a supporter of multiple security products and Total Privacy 5 just hit the top of today's list of MUST HAVE security applications.
I'm totally blown away by the efficiency of this cleaner ! TotalPrivacy is the best I've used in a long time. TotalPrivacy is highly recommended !
Totally kills CC Cleaner. The best cleaning program out there. Don't miss this one.
R. Johnson
Great program! Does a great job and has plenty of options. No errors on vista. Worked flawlessly!
OK...this is a pretty good program in regards to privacy... It offers a ton of options to customize a wash setting with a good number of algorithms to choose from, more than probably necessary. I do like how Total Privacy allows free space to be wiped (this feature is not available in CCleaner).

Awesome - I like it. Great program installed easy on my system using Vista Home Premium. Easy to run, great interface, cool program, highly configurable, VERY impressed with having the developer Steven Martins quick response to feeback posted here... kudos !

I used to use CCleaner ...But Im deleting it now. Staying with Total Privacy
Michael Ellis