How can I be sure that I am purchasing an original product?

You can buy Pointstone Software products online.  If you purchase our products over the Internet, you can be assured of the highest level of security if you order directly from the Pointstone Shop.

Important tips for purchasing over the Internet

When shopping on the Internet, it can be difficult to distinguish between original software and illegal products. It is never completely safe, as you have likely never met the dealer personally. If you follow these tips, you can dramatically increase your security when purchasing online.

Look for serious dealers

Make sure that dealers give their address and telephone number. You should exercise particular care in online auctions: Only buy from sellers who have been registered under the same name for a long time and have a great deal of positive feedback.

Be particularly skeptical of "bargains"
If new software that normally costs over $30 is suddenly being sold for $10, you should be especially careful. Such offers usually don't make sense for a seller, as the sale price is below the wholesale price. These offers are very likely to be fakes.

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