I have purchased an illegal registration key - what can I do?

If you paid for a counterfeit product key, you are the unfortunate victim of software piracy. The dealer who sold you the product key either counterfeited the activation code with special software or obtained it illegally himself/herself (knowingly or unknowingly).

Help for victims of software piracy

As a victim of software piracy, we will send you a discounted copy of our software providing the following requirements are met:

* You unknowingly purchased a counterfeit product key.
* You send us an e-mail containing the following information: The product key used.
* A copy of the bill or a receipt.
* The complete contact details of the buyer - that is, your address, telephone number and e-mail address.
* The complete contact information for the dealer , if you bought the forged product key on eBay.
* Confirmation of the eBay seller's message, if you bought the forged product key on eBay.

Please note that we can only answer inquiries that contain all of the above information.
Send all of the above information to the following email address: [email protected]

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