What are Profiles and how do I use them?

Total Flexibility with Total Privacy Profiles…

Clean and wash what you want, when you want with Total Privacy's Profiles.

With Total Privacy's built-in profiles functionality you have full control and flexibility over your computer's privacy regime. With Total Privacy it's easy to pick and choose the items that you want to clean and wash (and then schedule them automatically if you wish). For example, you can set up a profile to clean and wash just your Internet Explorer items daily and another profile for all items on your whole system say, on a weekly basis.

It couldn't be easier to set up your Total Privacy Profiles to clean the right items at the right time. Simply follow the steps below…

If Total Privacy is not already open, start it from your Windows Start > Programs > Total Privacy menu.

To create or modify your washing and cleaning profiles, you can either a) click on the Profiles tab as shown in the screenshot at right, or b) click on the Modify Profile quick link.

Click on the Add button and enter a name to create a new profile.

Total Privacy offers you total flexibility and control over a multitude of options and items that can be washed, cleaned and optimized. Choose from categories including your Windows System, Internet Browsers, Instant Messaging programs and literally hundreds of 3rd party programs with our Custom Plugins.

Note: For full details on selecting and setting these options in your profiles, please see the relevant topic under Privacy Items.

To Rename an existing Profile, simply select the relevant profile and then click on the Rename button. Enter the new name for this profile and click 'OK'.

To Delete an existing Profile, select the relevant profile and then click on the Delete button. Click 'Yes' to confirm that this profile is to be permanently deleted.

Schedule Profiles to Wash and Clean Automatically (Profile Automation)

With Total Privacy, you can schedule various Profiles to run at either a specific time or upon a specific system event by clicking on the relevant option and then choosing the day/time or event in order to automatically schedule this wash as or if desired.

Note: Each profile can be scheduled to run at a specified time without the need for Total Privacy to be running.

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