New System Cleaner 7 Introduces Active Boost and Optimization Recommendations Technology

Latest version of award-winning software offers unique innovations with Active Boost, Recommendations and enhanced optimization and maintenance technology.

Delaware, December 06, 2012 -- Pointstone Software, a leading provider of computer optimization solutions, recently unveiled version 7 of its PC optimization software. Pointstone has put more than 16 years of product innovation and experience into System Cleaner 7; the latest version of the popular PC optimization software introduces innovations like Active Boost and Recommendations to provide a complete performance solution designed to keep PCs running in tip-top shape and provide users with a noticeable boost in speed and performance.

Key new features include:

Active Boost
Running in the background, Active Boost provides real-time improvement of PC performance by intelligently managing active programs. This technology can significantly increase overall system responsiveness and eliminate computer slowdowns caused by unresponsive programs.

Based on Pointstone Labs research, Recommendations provides each individual PC an extensive list of suggestions the user can apply to improve PC performance and optimize network and Windows configurations.

Integration of SecureErase with Windows
Files deleted through Windows are not completely erased; even though they can no longer be seen, they can still be recovered by data recovery software, revealing all the previous contents. Sometimes it is needed to erase files for good - and this is where SecureErase comes to help. Right-click a file or folder and select Pointstone SecureErase to securely delete (shred) files or folders. Erased data cannot be recovered even when using forensic software.

Windows 8 Compatible
System Cleaner is now fully compatible and integrated with every Microsoft operating system, from Windows XP to Windows 8. The new version was also designed to provide unique optimization and maintenance of Windows 8 issues.

Improved Registry Maintenance
The registry is the hidden brains behind Windows, controlling system configuration and installed software and hardware settings. Over time, however, the registry can become cluttered and inaccurate and may need a tune up. Pointstone's Registry Maintenance engine has been improved and extended in this new version with additional scan areas and optimization capabilities, designed to maintain the registry issue free.

Hundreds of Various Improvements
System Cleaner 7 now contains 24 individual utilities that range from cleaning, optimization, problem solving and security optimization. System Cleaner 7 also incorporates a multitude of different enhancements, improvements and general updates, delivering our most effective and reliable performance optimization product to date.

Steven Martins, Pointstone's Director of Business Development says
System Cleaner 7 is the culmination of Pointstone's 16 years of software innovation and performance optimization technology. We believe that System Cleaner 7 is a significant improvement from previous versions of the software, extending the available features and making improvements that allow our customers an increased computing experience by making their PCs run with faster and more stable results.

System Cleaner 7 is available at no charge to all existing users with an active update protection plan, which provides all products updates and upgrades. New or existing users without an update protection plan can purchase System Cleaner 7 directly from or through Pointstone affiliate partners.

About Pointstone Software / Company background:
Pointstone Software, LLC is a leading provider of privacy protection, computer cleaning and performance increasing software for home and business users and has won dozens of awards since 1996. Other products by the company include Total Privacy, a privacy protection tool, and several free utilities like Internet Accelerator, MemOptimizer, Document Metadata Cleaner, index.dat Viewer and more.